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Give your employees a digital onboarding experience that’s seamless, and save yourself time in the process. Absolutely FREE HR software in UAE



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ZapioPayroll is a leading online Payroll company for small and medium business employers. You will never be overwhelmed by the complexities of Payroll again.



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Simple time and attendance is more than just an easy to use, intuitive product. Your team can easily clock in and out of their shift.

Hrms Software Dubai

HR Software in Dubai

At ZapioHR, the Top HR software in Dubai, we know that there is a lot of plates to keep spinning when it comes to hiring new employees, staying HRMS Software compliant and looking after your workforce. Keeping contracts up to date, ensuring that these contracts contain all the correct information regarding remuneration and performance, finding the right people to hire, onboarding, ensuring payroll is effectively managed.. It is a lot. With affordable HRMS Software dubai packages for your company and seamless integration with payroll & performance management systems, we make HR software Dubai for top HR professionals who can use to cut through hours of admin and HR anxiety.

Streamline your HR Processes in Dubai

Modern HR software operations in Dubai is about being compliant, while letting automation do the work for you. With Flare, you can seamlessly manage compliance across new employees, payroll, and banking systems -- all in one centralized cloud HR software in UAE. As you build out your employee lifecycle from hire to retire, you will need ways to operationalize your HR processes and connect your HR systems in Dubai together. Whether you let your employees onboard digitally, need to connect your recruitment system or communicate a company announcement, ZapioHR, best HR software in Dubai has you covered.

Hrms Software Dubai
Hrms Software Dubai

Best HR Software in UAE

We provide everything you could need from your HR software in Dubai, including:

  • Employee self service
  • Organizational charts
  • Simple onboarding and offboarding
  • Leave management system
  • Payroll System
  • Time and attendance
  • On-call HR support

All-in-one HRMS Software Dubai

Real time Business Intelligence
Stay in touch with your workforce with real time in-depth analytics with our free HR software in Dubai
Eliminate Multiple Systems
With our all-in-one HR software system in Dubai manages the entire employee life cycle
Multi-site capability
Manage multiple locations from one easy to use HR software platform in UAE
Intelligent Workforce Tools
We are changing the way Dubai businesses manage their shift-based workforces with simple all-in-one HR software management tool.

Hrms Software Dubai
Hrms Software Dubai

HR Software System Company in Dubai

Our HR software platform in Dubai is simplistic but covers the bases for smaller companies. It handles time tracking, attendance monitoring, holiday time requests and appointment booking, with managers kept abreast of every change. Users can track payroll and expenses, as well as training and performance appraisals. The free HR software lacks scheduling capabilities, which may be a dealbreaker for shift-based businesses. There is also tracking of job applicants in our HR software UAE

Time-Saving HR Software Dubai
for Small Businesses

Managing employee information and dealing with holiday requests, absences and payroll is frustrating and takes hours. Zapio HR software in Dubai makes it far easier and faster, so you have more time for what really matters. Clock time to the second with our handy stopwatch feature, or just use our simple timesheets, all mappable to client/project codes. Create your own custom HR reports. Designed by small business HR software development professionals to make life easier for small business owners, office managers and employees in UAE. We are passionate about ensuring you get the most out of our Top HR software in Dubai. Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you unlock our rich functionality as your business grows.

Hrms Software Dubai

Manage your People to Perfection for FREE

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More than just showing what you can do with the platform, our resources are an education in best-practice HR management in UAE.

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Digital Revolution in HRMS Software Dubai

Already today, the cloud, mobile access and online self-service are becoming a matter of course in private life and everyday business practice. The role of HR Software Company in Dubai goes far beyond human resources administration or payroll calculation. Plan working time flexibly, according to the regulations and preferences of employees. Use employee and manager self-service solutions. Manage HR Software in dubai, documentation in electronic form (e-files). The paper document flow is not necessary to handle leave requests and other HR matters.

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Management of Leaves and Employees

It is the responsibility of HR software UAE to manage the amendments as well as leaves of an employee. The efficient Leave Management Software in Dubai will manage all the paid as well as unpaid leaves of an employee efficiently with other adjustment of salaries, bonus, incentives overtime and other additional benefits. ZapioHRMS, HR Software in Dubai improves employee engagement through transparency, recognition, and feedback.

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Attendance Maintenance

In ZapioHRMS, there is a module that allows tracking of attendance of employees. Effective Payroll Management Software in UAE allows the employee to electronically mark their attendance, leaves and other activities. It can widely track employee’s data and make it easy for HR as well as payroll department to track and maintain the complete record. HR department could review employee’s performance and then on this payroll system will manage their salaries.

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Develop your people and scale your business with ZapioHR. Create a continuous cycle of performance management and personalized learning that powers employee engagement and the success of your business. Manage company, team and individual goals. Use flexible metrics (numerical, milestones, currency, etc.). Automatically include goals in manager check-ins. Visualize dependencies in goal trees.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in HR & Payroll Software in UAE
Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

HRMS software UAE – What is this?

HRMS expands to Human Resource Management System. Alternately, others also refer to this as HRIS, which expands to Human Resource Information System. Typically this is an end-to-end software system that is designed to handle the complete HR and Payroll management functions of an organization.
Having a user-friendly interface, the HRMS software Dubai designed by Zapio takes care of all aspects of the complete HR and payroll processing functions of an organization. The system consists of many integrated modules that can be customized for different business needs.

HRMS Software Dubai – What are its benefits?

This HRMS tool by Zapio is the best HRMS software in Dubai. This is a simple HRMS tool that is designed to operate effectively in a manner to manage all the HR and payroll functions of a medium to large company/enterprise. The on-demand reporting systems incorporated into this system are extensive and flexible and this helps make on-the-spot decisions in favor of the business.
Some of the other benefits include streamlining the recruitment process, easy attendance management of the employees, improve intra-department communication on HR issues, plan and control HR management expenses, and enhance employee productivity.

Is it possible to configure the workflows in HR payroll software UAE?

ZapioHR allows the introduction of organization-specific workflows to be created and used comfortably. As an example, company-specific leave requests, approvals, reimbursements, claims, TDS declarations, etc., can be created and used for a smooth flow of HR operations.
The HR personnel can also set up a multi-level approval process within the organization. This is a key feature of ZapioHR, the best HR software in UAE. Zapio’s workflow creation and management are therefore very flexible as well as versatile.

Will you provide training for the HRMS software UAE?

As the creators of the best HRMS software in Dubai, training is a mandatory step in the implementation process of the software for our clients. We, at Zapio, will send our expert representatives to provide training for your staff members to use the HRMS software.
In addition to this, we will also provide suitable training videos when we install the software in your system. These videos will have all the functionalities of our HRMS package explained in full detail so that your staff members will find it easy to work with our HRMS software system.

What are the key features I should look out for in HR software Dubai?

Any HR software package will have some standard basic features. However, a lot depends on the business process of your organization. Your business strategy is also vital in deciding the key features. In the first place, you should be clear with what you want to achieve by using our HR software UAE.
At Zapio, we build customized solutions for our clients according to their needs and processes. Also, our HR solutions are future-proofed and built using the latest technology stacks. This will help your business to sustain itself in the future and also correctly engage your workforce.

Does HR software UAE offer self-service?

The ZapioHR ESS module offers self-service for the employees. This helps employees of the organization to input their personal data into the system. This module of the best HR software Dubai allows access to the employee’s personal data in the organization’s HR system. Changes made via the ZapioHR ESS are immediately updated in the employee centralized database.
The employees can access the ESS module via a password. Employees who have forgotten their ZapioHR ESS password can immediately request another one via the user interface. A new password is accepted only if it sufficiently secure. Moreover, the employee may have to set new passwords at regular intervals.

How does Zapio’s HR Payroll software Dubai function?

The key function of this software package by Zapio, one of the best HR software companies in Dubai, is the automation of the payroll processing of an organization. If we take an example, the HR professionals of the company need not have to manually compile the attendance records, and timesheets to calculate salary totals.
Such manual tasks are automated by the system and therefore the team can focus on more important activities. However, it is always possible for the HR personnel to make manual adjustments in case figures have to be changed after automatic processing. Functions such as attendance tracking and on-boarding are also taken care of by the software package.

What type of organizations can use Zapio’s HR Payroll software Dubai?

Different types of organizations can use Zapio’s HR Payroll software to streamline their HR Payroll functions. As one of the best HR software companies in Dubai, we have designed the software package such that it can be used by manufacturing firms and service organizations as well. The best part is that we can customize the package according to the business needs of our clients.
Therefore, this package can be used advantageously by even non-profit organizations. The size of the organizations can also vary. This package can be used for small firms with a few employees or medium-sized businesses having more employees.

Does Zapio HR payroll Dubai allow configurable reports?

At Zapio Technologies, the makers of the best HR software in UAE, we have designed our HR Payroll package in such a manner that it can be customized according to individual business needs. The same goes for the Reports Module. This module is organization-specific and extensive on-demand reports can be generated at the click of a button from the dashboard of the system.
The reports can be generated for any period that is requested. The dashboard can be specifically configured for the reports to be printed. Data for the reports from the master and transaction files can be imported without any hassles whatsoever via Excel files.

Is it wise to install Zapio’s HR payroll Dubai for a business?

It is surely a good idea for any business to install and use Zapio Technologies’ HR payroll software UAE. The reason is that the software packages are affordable and once installed, they can help your HR admins cut through hours of Payroll processing and HR administration functions and work on core business aspects.
While being compliant, our software package helps to manage on-boarding, attendance management, banking systems and all associated HR administration work through centralized cloud-based systems.