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Our Visitor Management System in Dubai is cloud VMS system that will revolutionize the way your organization manages visitors contractors and staff on a single site or on multiple sites across the country and around the world. Zapio’s Visitor Management System in UAE takes the hassle away from your current manual system and puts control back into the hands of your organization ensuring you can meet your compliance obligations around visitor, contractor and staff safety, evacuations and asset protection.

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An Efficient Visitor
Management Software in Dubai

ZapioVMS is visitor management software dubai that provides end-to-end automation of the visitor registration process including, sign-in, onboarding, and sign-out. The days of paper visitor sign-in books, which are time-consuming, unreliable, and very rarely completed correctly are gone. The Zapio’s Visitor Management System kiosk improves the efficiency of reception staff by allowing visitors to check-in themselves. Zapio’s Visitor Management System in UAE powers productivity and efficiency by speeding up the guest check in process. It is the most ethical and impressive way to welcome your visitors.

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Contactless Visitor
Management System Features

Visitor Management System in Dubai has a free App for iPad/Android which syncs to your account to check in visitors, contractors and staff Visitor Management System in UAE is easy to use web dashboard allows your team to view live activity, customize your set up, send messages and run reports from any browser. Zapio's visitor management software dubai interface supports multiple languages on our Sign in App. Want to have multiple languages loaded and let the visitor decide which to use during registration?

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Efficient and Applicable
Visitor Management System in UAE

Create a great first impression by providing a smooth visitor experience with smart office technology. Visitor Management System in Dubai is a reception and lobby management system that improves the security of your office and workplace by automatically managing the arrival and departure of all visitors. It will ensure visitor registration is completed correctly and the employee they are visiting is notified of their arrival. Reception desks are the most common place for low cost kiosks today. You can use an existing device that reception already use or consider a standalone kiosk that could be any of the following when reception is manned full time

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First Impressions

Sign-In and Out via touch screen interfaces, reception desks and security entry points using our Visitor Management System in Dubai
Visitor Management Software in Dubai gives support for all government-issued ID scanning such as passports, Emirates ID and driver’s licenses.Improve security at site and instantly print badges automatically when a visitor or contractor arrives. Easy plug and play set up; start printing within minutes.

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Know Who is on
Your Site all Time

Real-time Host Notification Send visitors and hosts a friendly text or email reminder before their visit, at check in and at check out. Visitor Facial Recognition You can be sure you are capturing an accurate photo for security or badge purposes.
• Regular Visitors Allow your regular visitors to make fast sign-in using their Printer QR Code/Phone Number and bypass reentry data filled in the past.
• Emergency Evacuation Support In the case of an emergency Visitor Management System in Dubai will support your office in achieving a safe and compliant evacuation

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We understand that Technologies is an integral driver of success in today’s business world and offer a complete suite of services to exceed your every need.

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Forget Traditional Visitor LogBooks

Our contactless visitor management system replaces the normal visitor log books during which the visitor details are entered along side their IN and OUT time. It is quick, easy and provides accurate information about the visitors and whom they visit, etc. Visitor Management System
The solution handles the whole process of visitor management including registering the visitors, issuing the badges and logging their IN and OUT time. The reports module provides all the required reports about the visitors making it a perfect solution for corporate, airlines, government institutions, oil & gas etc Visitor Management System

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Multi-Platform Support

“A simple visitor management system It's not just a single app, it's a complete suite of applications deployed on Web, iOS, and Android which helps you to manage your regular visitors.”

ZapioVMS is simple visitor management system which optimize your visitor management system in Dubai. The ZapioVMS suite consists of a tablet, that sits at your reception area for visitors to do self check-in, the ZapioVMS user app for your employees to manage their visitors & superfast check-ins, and the Vizitor dashboard for web check-ins.

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contactless visitor management system Agreements

Visitor Agreements present your visitors with legal agreements or NDA's at the reception kiosk desk that they must sign on before entering the premises. The Visitor Agreements feature includes version control - letting you track agreement sign date, version, addendums and signature capture. This feature includes a large display pop-up window, which can display any type of media you like; a floor layout diagram, a declaration of organization rules, or even a live video to play within the app. One popular way they are being utilized is as floor diagrams, helping visitors get to their destination with less confusion. Each visitor will need to tap “I Accept” in order to be granted access from the visitor software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a list of the most frequently asked questions in Visitor Management System in UAE
Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have!

What is a contactless visitor management system?

The VMS software by Zapio Technologies is a visitor management system created for UAE businesses. This cloud-based software helps to record visitors’ details using a tablet at the entrance of the facility. This flexible software package can be customized to suit any business. This system facilitates a paperless visitor management system.

The visitors’ details are recorded on a tablet placed at the facility’s entrance including taking a snapshot picture of the visitor. It is a 100% contactless system and results immediately in an improved visitor experience that is uniform for everyone.

What are the benefits of the Visitor management system UAE made by Zapio Technologies?

The contactless visitor management system when used by any organization results in several benefits. First, such a system provides a uniform reception experience for every visitor. The system helps to set a professional tone at the very beginning of the visit. Tracking visitors’ presence in real-time while they are on your premises provides improved security at your facility

Such a system does away with the need for a person to sit in the reception area as the meet and greet process is completely managed by recording details on the tablet. Moreover, this leads to a significant decrease in the amount of paper used.

Why is visitor management software for Dubai businesses important?

For many visitors, more number of visitors translates to business success. However, safety of the business premises cannot be scarificed. Zapio’s VMS, a visitor management system for businesses in Dubai, helps you to effectively welcome guests to your facility while simultaneously exercising control on who gets in and who gets to stay for how much time inside your facility.

You can also decide the parts of your facility where guests can move about freely. The cloud-based VMS by Zapio does away with paper, logbooks and the need for a person to be stationed at the reception of the facility for meet-and-greet purposes.

How does the visitor management system Dubai work?

Visitor management software UAE combine technology, communication systems, security systems and analytics that work together to provide a great contactless experience for any visitor who presents at your facility. This system helps to provide a uniform meet-and-greet procedure and a great first impression to your visitor about your organization.

In these pandemic times, this is a great tool that the managers (facilities) of any organization can use with great effectiveness. The net results of using this VMS are a safe experience for the visitor, a safe reception area environment, and reduced costs.

Who all can use Zapio’s visitor management system?

Zapio Technologies has created a simple visitor management system that anyone can use. Any organization can buy and install this package. From Airports to schools to hotels to commercial establishments, exhibitions and art galleries, any organization can install this software package and derive benefits straight away. They can also be effectively used in large manufacturing centers and hospitals.

This technology solution will help any organization derive better ROI on their investments while keeping their facilities safe and providing a professional and enjoyable experience for their visitors.

How to choose the best visitor management system?

Before shifting to a simple visitor management system for your organization, it is a good idea to keep the following pointers in mind:

Think about your visitor flow and volumes. Also, watch how your employees and visitors use your building facility.

Evaluate the current reception desk service that is offered in terms of experience, efficiency, time consumed, and costs. Find out if the current VMS offers a touch-less experience for your visitors.

Do a cost-benefit analysis of setting up a VMS system. Think of ROI and not the costs involved when deciding to install a VMS.

Does the easy visitor management system by Zapio print paper visitor passes?

Zapio’s visitor management solutions are contactless but very flexible. Our cloud-based visitor management solution is versatile and can be completely customized to our client’s business requirements. Whether you are looking for a paper pass or just an electronic sign-in for visitors, we can duly customize the package according to your requirements.

Many of our clients still prefer paper-printed visitor passes as these can be displayed to security officers at all times and whenever required. Our meet-and-greet unit is equipped to print a paper visitor pass during the contactless check-in session.

How do Zapio’s visitor management solutions contribute to workplace security?

Zapio’s easy visitor management system can be installed in commercial spaces, factories, etc., to ensure the security of these spaces. The VMS software package is extremely useful in professional settings where there are several visitors daily. Badges can be given to guests to ensure that they do not overstay on the premises. Many of these facilities can be managed from a single centralized location.

The software system allows you to form and import lists of prohibited guests and the system can generate extensive on-demand reports. This will keep unauthorized persons from gaining access to important areas on your premises. The system promotes safety through a comprehensive sign-in process for the visitors.

How can visitor management software for offices make the environment secure?

A visitor management system for offices greatly improves its security. As the employees of an office that have badges and ID cards, it is also important that the visitors to your offices should don visitor badges. Whereas some visitor management systems electronically generate a visitor pass. There are others designed to print visitor badges. This pass would contain their photo, the person in your office that they are visiting and the expiration time of the visitor’s pass.

This ensures that only authorized people gain access to the office premises and only those permitted to remain there at any instant can be found inside the office.

What are some of the functions that a visitor management system for offices performs?

Visitor management software for offices performs many functions that vastly improve the security of the space. In addition to ensuring that only authorized visitors can be found at any instant of time inside the office premises, they also perform additional functions such as:

  • Capturing electronic signature of the visitor and storing it in the system for additional identity verification
  • Maintaining a digital visitor log with check-in and check-out times
  • Maintain the privacy of the visitor log
  • Message forwarding system to help employees engage with visitors in case some are absent