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Top Reasons to Choose iOS Platforms for Startups

The world of mobile applications is growing at an explosive rate. They provide an unprecedented opportunity for growth and to satisfy a variety of consumer needs. For tech startups venturing into mobile application development, choosing between the Android and iOS platforms is one of the most important decisions. 

Since the decision can prove to be quite challenging, we would like to highlight some of the reasons why iOS may be a better choice for you. If you want to develop a mind-blowing application for your awesome idea but don’t have the required experience, a quick Google search for “iOS Application Development Dubaican lead you to experienced companies in Dubai that can help you out.

Hardware and performance:

Apple products are renowned for their consistent and reliable performance. Issues like deteriorating execution speed or slow-downs often occur much less in Apple devices as compared to Android devices. This is a testament to the superior quality of the processor and other components used in the manufacturing of the device. 

The software is also highly optimized for the small range of devices that it has to run on. If your application relies heavily on the inbuilt sensors of a smartphone, it might be worthwhile considering an application that leverages the quality of the iOS devices. 

Secure Marketplace

The number of applications present on the App Store is much less compared to the number of apps on the Google Play Store. This means that startups releasing new applications will have less competition and might be able to easily catch the user’s attention. Most applications today deal with varying amounts of user information. If the data collected by an application falls into the wrong hands, the potential damage it could cause can be crippling to a person or an organization. Hence, the protection of the user’s data is a high priority for startups.

Apple’s guidelines for releasing applications list safety for the user and their device as the foremost priority. It also has strict regulations for data collection, storage, and access. These regulations allow iOS users to trust applications available on the App Store without being concerned about their integrity and intentions. Startups can capitalize on this trustworthiness to gain initial exposure for their applications on the iOS platform. To build a secure and robust application, you can seek the help of a reputed company specializing in mobile app development in Dubai.

Business Model 

The revenue model of your startup is one of the key factors to consider while choosing your application development platform. It is also an important aspect that will determine the success of your application in the long run. According to research, Apple users generally earn higher incomes and engage more with their smartphones as compared to Android users. They are also generally interested in technology and willing to spend money to explore the features of an application. If your business model is freemium or depends on in-app purchases to generate revenue, then opting for the iOS platform will help you gain dividends in the long run. 

User Experience 

Apple provides a smooth and enjoyable experience by keeping things simple. There is no requirement for a huge set of customizations to be applied before starting to use a device. Also, the platform is consistent across devices, which makes it easier for users to switch to a new device with ease.

Clarity, aesthetic integrity, and consistency are the key differentiating elements that set iOS apart from other platforms. Apple provides clear guidelines on how to design the best interfaces to provide the most fulfilling experience for users. Startups can draw on these to make their applications engaging and fun to use. Search for “iOS Apps UAE to see the best-ranked apps with various creative user interfaces. 

Dedicated Audience 

It is no secret that Apple products have a very loyal customer base. While Android holds a much larger share of the mobile market, its users are not as loyal as Apple users. Even though Apple products may seem costlier, it is the quality of their products and their proactive service that keeps customers from abandoning ship in search of other alternatives. Thus, once a startup has built a regular following, it can rest assured that its customers will not abandon it as long as it stays relevant and useful. 


Fragmentation refers to multiple devices running different versions of an operating system. The problem this poses is that an application being run on a platform will have to be compatible across these various devices and the operating systems on them. The iOS platform faces less of an issue in terms of fragmentation due to the limited number of devices it runs on as opposed to Android.

Lesser fragmentation means less effort on the developer’s part to test compatibility across devices and OS versions. iOS releases regular updates to reduce fragmentation. Choosing to move ahead with the iOS platform helps to save a great deal of in developing and testing the application for compatibility issues while ensuring a smooth experience for users as well. If you want to perform testing to ensure the performance of your application, you can approach an established iPhone app development company in Dubai. 

The growth of an application depends entirely on its features, which the customers find beneficial or attractive. Starting on iOS is advisable for startups as it helps you start generating revenue much more quickly and at a higher rate than if it were released on Android. It also ensures more security and a smooth experience for your clientele, which can help retain them. It would also mean faster development time as there would be only a limited number of devices to test compatibility with. You can choose to outsource the development of your app to companies specializing in iOS app development in Dubai.

Top Reasons to Choose iOS Platforms for Startups

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