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Top 10 Technology Trends that will Impact Web Development in 2021

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Every year brings along with it some new trends for every industry. There are many technology trends going around this year that affects web development. These trends affect your website also. Web design companies in Dubai are there to help you keep up with these trends and develop your website with the best technology.

Given below are some of the technology trends to look out for this year:

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive web applications technology is used to build websites that provide users the same experience an app does. With PWA, users won’t have to download an app for the same services. With this technology a website content can be accessed even offline and the loading time is also less. It also allows businesses to send push notifications from the browser. The cost for development is low and the maintenance is also easier. A lot of businesses are shifting their websites to PWA. This is a technology that has been around for some time now. But it is expected to dominate the web development field in 2021.

Voice search optimisation

We have all seen the popularity gained by digital voice assistants like Alexa and Siri. They have made life a lot easier. Websites that are voice optimised is one of the trends that is gaining major popularity in 2021. People don’t like to type out instructions to their computers anymore. They would prefer to voice out their commands. Cutting down even a little bit of effort in the user interface can make your website more popular among users. A website development company in UAE can develop your website to be voice optimised.

AI-powered Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is being used in many aspects of businesses and websites are the latest aspect that AI is taking over. Having AI-powered chatbots is a great way to serve your customers online 24/7. With the help of artificial intelligence, these bots provide solutions to the customers like an actual human employee does. Chatbots provide quick responses which will engage consumers more and reduce the risk of them leaving a website due to delay.

Single page websites

Websites that lead to different pages for different items can sometimes get annoying due to the load time. Single page websites are something that was established a few years back but it is a trend that has been gaining popularity for the past few years. 2021 is no different. Having complicated website structures are not very appealing. Especially when you have to navigate through a lot of pages to find what you want. The company you hire for website development in Dubai can design such a website for you that won’t confuse the users.


This technique was established in 2015 but is becoming a trend now in 2021. The performance of a website is usually slowed down when there are heavy tasks performed on it. Powerful applications such as certain video games are only available as a native app because of this. WebAssembly solves this problem. This is a new kind of framework that doesn’t depend on a single programming language. Different languages are compiled into a bytecode and executed on the browser. This eliminates the need of a native app and businesses can get a wider reach.

Mobile-first designs

Now more than ever, you have to design your website considering a mobile phone first. There are more people in the world now who prefer to access the internet through their phones than a desktop. Designing a website for a desktop and then checking its mobile responsiveness is not going to work. Mobile users have to be given the first priority. A web design company in Dubai will design a mobile-friendly website for you.

Motion UI

Motion UI is one of the most important design technologies of 2021. Your website has to look attractive for users to actually engage with it. More than filling designs in every nook and corner of your website, try to create interactive animations that can guide users on how to use your website. Through motion UI you can create interesting animations, background animations, transitions and more that will make your page more attractive. The best web design company in Dubai knows how to design your website in a minimalistic way making the interface both attractive and user friendly.

Blockchain technology

By implementing blockchain technology, data is secured and hacking and tech errors become next to impossible. Blockchain creates a decentralised system through which digital information and goods can be passed securely from person to person. There is an assurance that any data that is passed through this system is verified. Blockchain technology is another trend that will take over the web development world in 2021.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is here to replace the need of a server. It prevents the loss of data or data overloading on a server. With the ongoing pandemic, remote working has become a necessity and this became possible mainly due to cloud computing. In the future also, we can expect this trend to stay and become the new normal. It reduces costs drastically and the risk of the server crash is also avoided.  

Personalised content with the help of machine learning

Machine learning is a technology that is gaining great popularity these days. It is a form of artificial intelligence through which each individual user is given personalised content by collecting data on their behaviour. A developer doesn’t have to analyse this data and code in the content. Through machine learning, this is automatically done. A lot of websites have already adopted this technique to make the experience on their websites more personal.

New trends are appearing everyday in the field of web development. Some of them are just a passing phase but some of them are here to stay. Adapting to the right trends is necessary for you to stay relevant. But when you are running a business, it is easy to miss out on some of these trends. You can hire a firm specialising in web development in Dubai who will identify and adopt these trends to your website to make user experience excellent and help your website rank better.

Top 10 Technology Trends that will Impact Web Development in 2021

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