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The Most Popular Web Designing Languages in 2021

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Web designing is one of the most interesting tasks in a web development process. It is also something that will hugely decide how a user interacts with a website. If you are planning on developing a website for your business, hiring a web design agency in Dubai can be a big help for you through the whole development process. 

But a website owner should always know the basics of web development and web design before getting into the field. If the owner looks lost and confused, it is an invitation for developers to exploit them. Given below is a list of the most popular web design languages in 2021 to give you a start in understanding the web design process.

  1. JavaScript

One of the most widely used languages, JavaScript is a text-based language that can be used both on the client end and the server end. This is the language used to add interactive elements to a web page. The language is so popular because it is easy to use, flexible, very simple and easy to debug. This is the only programming language that can be used to develop the front end and back end of a website. Every aspiring web developer has to have this language under their belt before they move on to any other language. 

  1. HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the most basic language that is used to create the basic layout of a website. It is used to build the basic framework from which your entire website will be developed. Any person aspiring to make a career in web designing in Dubai needs to know this language before they can move on to anything else, even JavaScript. This language will not provide the requirements that websites these days need, but it can be a foundation based on which the rest of the website can be built. Anything you need to do on your website, be it changing the font or adding extra tables and other elements, HTML is what directs your website to do it. It is the most basic language that every developer has to be confident about. 

  1. Python

Python is a language that has been around for some time now and has slowly gained popularity. Like JavaScript, this is a language that is widely used by web developers around the world. This is a very straightforward language with a simple syntax that makes it easy to use. Python is one of the most common languages used by companies for website development in Dubai. Being a very flexible language, Python can be used not only to develop websites but also for data analysis, data visualization, data science and more. The language has a library of frameworks and tools that allow developers to create a website quickly. 

  1. PHP

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is one of the first languages that facilitated the development of dynamic websites. It is an open-sourced language that is used in the backend. Released in 1995, the language slowly gained momentum but is now one of the most popular languages used for web design and development. When you approach companies for website design in UAE, this is one of the languages they will recommend for your website. This is another language that has a simple syntax and is very easy to learn. PHP is the language behind popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia and more. The language currently supports around 78% of the dynamic websites in existence. 

  1. SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) is the language that is used for websites dealing with a lot of data. This language is never used alone when designing a website. Instead, another language will be used along with it. SQL is very useful when you require to fetch data from a database and use it for your user’s needs. This language is very fast and processes requests quickly. Instead of writing a huge code to get some data from somewhere, this language requires simple commands using words that are commonly used making it easy to learn and understand.

  1. Java

Ask any website development company in UAE and they will tell you that Java is the most popular programming language used for website development. It is also one of the most well developed and updated languages having a huge library of frameworks and tools that developers can use when building a website. Nowadays, some applications do not work on devices unless Java is installed on the device. That is how powerful and influential this language is. It is another language that is simple to learn and use and is very cheap and easy to maintain. The language can be used on multiple platforms irrespective of the operating systems used making it an obvious choice for many developers.

We can never tell which language is the best because different websites have different requirements which will need different programming languages. One language will not be suitable for every kind of website. Based on the task that is required to be performed, one language might be better than another. 

Having a basic understanding of different programming languages is always good because as the owner of a website, you should be able to communicate with your website developer clearly and you should be able to understand what they are trying to tell you. 

When people think of programming language, the only thing that comes to their mind is Java and people stop trying to understand further. Giving up when hearing terms like C++ and Java will affect your business in a bad way. You do not have to be an expert in these languages but knowing what they are will be a great help in your web development journey.

When you hire a web design company in Dubai, they will analyze your requirements for the website and what you expect your users to receive through your website and they will suggest a programming language that will best suit your site. By having basic knowledge about different programming languages and web development, you can always understand and be a part of your website development process.  

The Most Popular Web Designing Languages in 2021

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