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The Benefits of Adding Real-Time Features to Your Mobile App

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If you have approached mobile application development companies in Dubai, it is a good idea to ask them to integrate real-time features into the app they are going to develop. You may ask, are there any benefits to this? This article attempts to list out some benefits that can positively impact your mobile app and its usage.

Why Real-time Mobile App Features are likely to have an impact

Today, mobile usage has proliferated to the lowest levels of society. Millennials are the most likely individuals that use mobile phones for various activities in their daily lives. They stay updated with all news, world happenings and converse in their social circles by using their smartphones. The ‘Live’ features supported by the different social media happen to be most young people’s favourites.

Real-time feed, messaging, and real-time tracking of online orders that have been placed have become necessary features of online-apps. Any mobileapp development company in UAE, as well as other places worldwide, would strive to provide features that display actual-time scenarios without waiting for a user response.

Let us see what benefits would come along if a mobile app development company in Dubai added real-time features to their mobile apps.

User Engagement: Real-time features allow the highest degree of user engagement. From the user’s perspective, they are able to accomplish many jobs simultaneously or in quick succession. This eases users’ lives considerably.

Multiple Users: Real-time features help to connect multiple users at a time. Users can share their real-time locations, messages and videos with many others at the same time.

Lead the pack: Developers who incorporate real-time features can also build very engaging interfaces that are also innovative. This can help them to become market leaders in their niches in the process and stay ahead of the competition.

Less maintenance: If the developer’s mainstay is real-time features delivered through cloud networks, then the maintenance required is negligible. This means they can devote time to perfecting and improving their core competencies.

Other benefits of adding real-time features to your mobile app include the following:

Push notifications: Real-time mobile app development in Dubai is never complete without incorporating push notifications. This is a very important feature seen both in mobile as well as in web applications. This works best when you want to notify your app users about the latest features in the app, including when publishing app upgrades. Many businesses strategically use push notifications to uphold the user retention rate.

Real-time Feed: Available on all the leading social media platforms of today, mobile app design in Dubai always has this feature for the latest apps.  There is tremendous benefit to the end-user if you can integrate this feature into your business app as well. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter all possess this feature, which is extremely popular with users. This helps the users stay updated with the latest information.

Integrating IoT devices: Professionals involved in mobile app design in Dubai use real-time technologies such as COMET, BOSCH and Websocket which have evolved over time with new features. IoT is yet another feature that can be very usefully combined with mobile applications.

IoT technology functions can redefine the mobile app experience for end-users. Generally, IoT sensors collect relevant data from available sources. Wi-Fi/cellular networks send this data to cloud storage. Once lodged in the cloud, advanced IoT software programs analyze the data and this is received by the end users.   Users receive appropriate notifications if the dispatched information is incorrect.

Streaming in Real Time

This is a very popular feature in most modern mobile apps. The transportation sector, logistics, entertainment, and the real estate verticals make good use of this feature. This feature enables mobile apps to create or deliver data to users to help build deep relationships. Professionals in mobile app development Dubai also use this feature extensively in gaming apps.

Real-time messaging

This enables fast communication between users of mobile phones. This feature forms the backbone of instant messaging systems that is a favourite with all mobile app developers.

Live order status checks

Food delivery apps include this feature for users to know if their food orders have been collected/dispatched/delivered at the required locations. Other companies that deal with shipping/delivery also use this feature.

This type of feature serves to enhance the overall user experience. Tracking the orders and knowing the status helps the users to communicate in real time with the service providers if the need arises. For service providers, this helps to improve the transparency of their business.

Other benefits that arise from real-time features in mobile apps:

  • Real-time features are very beneficial to travel apps. They keep users informed of booking and travel dates.
  • The number of people making online purchases has increased, which means they constantly require updates about the ordered products.
  • Users can find quick solutions to all the problems or queries they have with regard to products or services.

Real-time messaging apps

Almost replacing the traditional SMS apps, these apps are a must-have feature for most mobile apps today. They are of great relevance in healthcare, eCommerce, on-demand delivery, and taxi-hailing apps.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an indispensable part of mobile and web applications today. According to statistics, push notifications increase retention rates by over two or three times the normal number. This feature is extensively used by health and fitness apps to remind users of various schedules and other things. eCommerce apps use this feature to reach out to targeted groups among the audience. It is easy to notify them about new arrivals and promotions.

Real-time tracking

This feature has allowed the transportation and logistics industries to operate in a completely new and elevated framework.Taxi hailing and food delivery apps use real-time tracking to keep their customers informed about the movement of the products, cars, and ordered items.

Streaming in Real Time

Live streaming is extensively used by the entertainment, logistics, sports, and media segments. This makes the user feel closer to the virtual world they are interacting with.

Final thoughts

Real-time features and their benefits are many more and are out of the scope of this article. However, the addition of real-time features helps the mobile app become robust and popular. Whatever industry you belong to, you can reap tremendous benefits by asking the mobile app development company in Dubai you partner with to incorporate real-time features when developing your app.

The Benefits of Adding Real-Time Features to Your Mobile App

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