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SEO FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about SEO


While websites have been around for over three decades, digital marketing didn’t become popular until much later. Digital marketing refers to the marketing of goods and services to attract potential customers using the Internet or other forms of digital communication. It is an extensive and continually growing domain that covers multiple areas. Its rapid increase in popularity is due to the immense potential it offers in terms of visibility and growth opportunities for businesses. To ensure that your business takes full advantage of the online market, secure the services of an SEO agency in UAE.

In the face of the current pandemic situation, there has been a visible shift towards embracing technology. People have begun to accept the new normal of virtual meetings and online classrooms. As people start to spend more and more time online, it has become impossible for companies to ignore establishing an online presence. Companies that do not adapt to this new market condition risk losing potential business and becoming obsolete.

Users today instantly turn to the Internet to get answers to a variety of their questions. However, it falls on the search engines to bring up the most relevant results for each search made by the user. Simply put, a search engine is a piece of software responsible for identifying content that corresponds to an input search keyword. Each search engine has its own algorithm that ranks content across various web pages based on several factors. Utilizing the experience of a well-renowned SEO company in UAE will help you avoid the common pitfalls while setting up your website.

What is SEO?

One of the worst things that could happen to a website is never showing up on the results assorted by the search engine. So how can you ensure that your website attracts the right audience? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the tool that helps you solve this problem. SEO is the process of maximizing footfall on a website by ensuring that it appears higher on the results list compiled by the search engine. It targets organic traffic only, not paid traffic. It includes searches for images, videos, and academic content. If you are not sure how to go about performing SEO for your website, a quick Google search of SEO agency UAE can guide you to potential service providers.

What are the various factors in SEO?

The factors search algorithms consider can be grouped into on-page factors, off-page factors, and technical SEO factors. Some on-page factors are content quality, frequency of keywords used, meta tags, website structure, URL, and links present. Off-page SEO, or external SEO, refers to activities undertaken outside the website to increase its rankings. This may be through external links, social media advertising, or influencer marketing. Thus, anyone vouching for your website or links leading to it from outside of your website falls under off-page SEO factors. Technical SEO refers to tuning the website to ensure the best experience for your viewers. It involves ensuring that your site is mobile-compatible, loads quickly, and is free of duplicate content and broken links.

White hat SEO vs. Black hat SEO

The approaches to SEO can be classified as white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO. White hat techniques are practices recommended by search engines as a part of good design. The general rule is to create quality content for the users and enable crawlers to access it. In contrast, black hat techniques are deceptive and are often penalized by search engines. They try to present a different set of content based on whether the request originates from a human or a crawler to rank higher. They may also stuff keywords, use invisible text, or have sites with many inbound links that just act as a gateway to the main site.

If a website is found to be indulging in deceptive practices to improve its rankings, it may be penalized. The penalty can mean a drop in ranking and, sometimes, can be removed from the index of the search engine. In its attempts to deliver high-quality content to its users, Google has released two such algorithms: Penguin and Panda. These algorithms attempt to reward websites with genuine content while reducing the number of websites with spam that show up on the results page. These are currently an integral part of the search engine’s algorithm. An SEO agency in Dubai can help improve the visibility of your website on the Internet.

What are some best practices in SEO?

  • Focus on delivering meaningful and original content. Producing quality content will add to the authority of your website.
  • Understanding your target audience will help you better serve them. It will help you build an idea of their tastes and dislikes, which can help you to deliver better-tailored content. It will also aid in retaining visitors.
  • Selecting appropriate keywords can have a huge impact. Researching your market competition might also give you ideas to improve our website. Also, ensure you optimize for the right search intent.
  • Perform proper technical SEO, ranging from using the appropriate URL slug, meta tags, and headings. Provide meaningful text descriptions for the images. Ensure that your site loads fast and that its architecture is easy to crawl. Using HTTPS can also boost your rankings while providing security.

Investing in SEO is a choice that varies from company to company. However, if you are launching a new product website or taking an existing business online, performing search engine optimization correctly could pay dividends. Invest in an SEO company in Dubai today to begin gaining immediate traction and attract potential customers to your website.

SEO FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

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