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How Does the Biometric System Work for the Attendance of Office Employees?

Although there are other methods for collecting employee daily attendance, the most secure, quick, and simple method is to use the best time and attendance management system in Dubai, such as Zapio Technology. To mark their attendance, employees merely need to match their fingerprint, iris, or face using our software. It subsequently sends your information to the HR department, which uses it to determine employee monthly pay.

What is biometric verification and how does it work?

A biometric verification system uses unique physiological characteristics to identify and authenticate people inside groups. Biometric systems are primarily utilised in a variety of organisations to offer security and prevent unprofessional behaviour.

Even though there are many other types of biometric verification IDs, the fingerprint is one of the earliest. Iris scanning, facial recognition, hand geometry, DNA, voice waves, retina patterns, and so on are some of the others.

Allow your staff to easily track their working hours with Zapio Technology, which allows them to do so using a fingerprint impression, iris scanning, or facial recognition technologies.

  • When you open our app on your biometric hardware device, it prompts employees to check in or check out by entering their mobile numbers.
  • Employees must now place their fingers on the fingerprint scanning area for their credentials to be matched with the pre-defined employee database.
  • It completes the authentication process if it matches. If it doesn’t match, the message ‘Fingerprint not matched, please try again’ appears.

Recommended tools

In recent days, I discovered Zapio to be the most straightforward and user-friendly time attendance software in Dubai for my firm. It comes as part of a package that includes a biometric hardware device with Zapio’s software pre-installed.

Features that stand out

• Simple tracking with a user-friendly interface

• Integrated solutions for all scales of business

• Customized MIS reports 

• Detailed visual analytics

How do you pick the right tool?

When deciding on the best biometric attendance management systems in UAE, consider the following factors.

– must be accessible from anywhere

– should be relatively cheaper than other competitors

– must be easy to use

– should minimize errors

– must be a great time

– saver

– should generate payroll automatically

Switch to Zapio Technology today to provide the greatest attendance logging experience for your employees! Please do not hesitate to contact our team at or by phone at +971 52 708 1010

How Does the Biometric System Work for the Attendance of Office Employees?

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