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10 Digital Marketing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Digital Marketing Dubai

Digital presence is considered one of the most reliable presences in today’s world. And nothing will be able to stop your company from becoming online. Digital marketing provides an exclusive platform for your company to interact with and achieve the demands of customers. Even digital marketers are witnessing similar tremendous alterations as trends change swiftly, presenting innumerable changes every second. Here are some digital marketing statistics that, though not complete, are important to know if you want to succeed in this digital world.

#1 Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising 

The word “digital marketing” refers to advertising that takes place on the internet. When today’s marketers proudly display the term “digital marketer,” they are no different than, say, television marketers. Though digital advertising methods differ from a magazine, television, and other media, they all require unique planning and execution.

#2 Mobile Marketing is a Huge Success

In over ten major nations, people are more engaged in searches on mobile devices than on tabs or desktops, according to Google. It elicits a pressing need for mobile apps that are, of course, user-friendly.

#3 Content is king

One of the keys to mastering the online marketing game is content marketing. Create high-quality content that meets your customer’s unique needs. To increase traffic, a good piece of content (blogs, posts, infographics, videos, etc.) should be informative and widely shared.

#4 Creativity and engagement

More individuals are using social networks that increase the pace of engagement as the number of web users grows by the second. In this case, a digital marketing agency in UAE must provide high-quality unique material to keep their customers engaged.

#5 Increased Market Revenue and Coverage

Companies and brands can access the worldwide marketplace with the use of tools like SEO, Google Ads in Dubai, and others.

#6 Social Platforms

As young people migrate to other social media sites, the average age of Facebook users is increasing. Consider marketing to a younger demographic on new social media sites. A social media marketing agency in Dubai can help you with it.

#7 Featured Snippets

You can no longer afford to neglect this aspect of digital marketing because highlighted snippets now appear in 60% of first-page Google search results.

#8 Customer Experience

Customers still tend to purchase in specific stores, but you can enhance their experience with digital marketing tools like targeted adverts, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

#9 Visual Content

People are 80 per cent more likely to read your text if you include visual information in your blog posts and articles. An image, for example, can inspire more readers to complete your article, potentially increasing your conversions.

#10 Search Engine Optimization

Although Google’s search engine still values keywords, it has evolved to recognise and prioritise useful information. That’s where an SEO agency in Dubai comes into play.

10 Digital Marketing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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